Remember? A poem dedicated to my husband

Remember? The day. The love. The happiness. The vow. The purpose. The commitment. The dreams. The future. The promises. Us. Them. Peace. Freedom. Joy. Where did it go? Is it still among us? Ancestors. Parents. DNA. Family. Atlantic Ocean. Sankofa. Communion. Kolanut. Palm wine. Eyes. Songs. Praise. Possibilities. All there. All here. Time is elastic. No boundaries except the ones in our minds. Open heart. Open hands. No boundaries. Expand again. Expand some more. Forgive. Love. Love deep. Appreciate. Appreciate some more. Blessed. 😀

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Happily ever after

I was married in 2012 in Bafang, Cameroon.  Going down memory lane and looking at one of my wedding videos, I said I would give a part 2 to the story of my wedding experience.

In the video, (see here), we arrived at my parents (husband’s parents) home.  I was still chewing on the kolanut that had been given to me by my prince and washed down slightly with a little palmwine.  The wedding blessing and love from the family all around really left me with little words because I was overwhelmed with emotion and probably a little bit of euphoria.  I appreciate so much having great in-laws and I cherish them immensely.

My husband described to me how the traditional wedding would go but nothing compares to the real life experience of actually being on the receiving end of such tradition.  We received a blessing from his father and family in attendance on the family ancestors land.  I was in awe at the beauty of the pineapple plants, trees, pond, flying insects and tranquility. It was simply breathtaking.  Here I am 163349_10151637272535558_135737092_npictured holding a branch on a coffee tree.

Going into our fifth year of marriage, we are still enjoying happily ever after.

Poetry #3

I miss…
African oranges
fufu corn
variety of avocado
roasted plantain
koki on the grill
roasted peanuts
French bread
Top soda
Kadji beer
haricots and beignets

Poetry #1

Sights around Cameroon
Roasted corn on the grill
Yellow taxis
Women with babies tied to their backs
Banana trees
Chickens a plenty
Cabbages as big as your head

Kolanuts-a path to destiny?

Who knew that kolanuts would be instrumental in helping me put aside fear and take the leap of faith towards some of my desires. As some of you know, I moved to Africa recently and have been enjoying living out a life that was only a dream. Several people have been instrumental in encouraging me to “just do it”. One person is Esther Lamnyam. She is the author of “Love under the Kolanut Tree”. I was researching kolanuts on Google and came across her book. It is a book with a spiritual foundation, and brings the physical and spiritual worlds together.

After reading the book, I connected with Esther on Facebook. I was blessed with the opportunity to meet her at a cultural event within a few months of reading the book, and she is a beautiful and warm person inside and out. We have since become good friends. She indeed heals people with her words, teaching, and services. The tools in the book helped me look at relationships differently, believe in myself, understand the art of effective communication and so much more.

Since this page is all about the love of Cameroon, I wanted to feature her because by divine connection, she just happens to have been born in Cameroon. And the tools she teaches have been a huge help to me and others that I recommended the book to. She is a true servant to humanity. I believe things don’t only happen to us, they happen for us.  I hope you check out her webpages (listed below). Happy reading and transformation! May it be well with you.

Esther teaching Cracking the Code series

To order the books and/or services go to